I’m taking a break from chess. I don’t want to allocate the time and energy into improving my skills at the moment. Take care!

What’s Going On?

Currently working on tactics a lot, and optimal move selection and positional evaluation. Additionally, working on the mental side of things with keeping emotion out of my chess, maintaining objectivity, and getting rid of tunnel vision.

I had big ideas for this website as a blog but working on my chess too much to keep up regular blogging. Feel free to reach out, we can play some chess.

Chess Streamers I Like

  • ChessNetwork: Fun and educational streamer that is able to break things down for non-masters.
  • KingsCrusher: an aggressive attacker and regular poster on youtube, especially for big games analyzed.
  • Hikaru Nakamura: one of the best players in the world streaming for hours at a time.
  • ZugAddict: entertaining and funny NM that plays good chess.
  • ChessWeeb: Grandmasters Illia Nyzhnyk, Denes Boros, and Ashwin Jayaram streaming.

Tactics Training